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Your nutrition


You would not expect a 5 Star hotel to serve average food and at St Joseph’s we believe the same.

Our award-winning head chef, Pascal, and his team understand that high quality food has a vital role in speeding your recovery.  Using high quality natural ingredients sourced locally in Wales, Pascal creates delicious food with the correct nutritional values.

And because we know that your requirements will vary depending upon how you feel, we offer choice and a healthy snack menu which is available between 11am and 6pm every day.

And we do not forget your relatives and visitors either, and they are welcome in our stylish restaurant throughout the day.

Our restaurant & kitchens

Our kitchens as you would expect operate to the very highest hygiene standards, producing food throughout the day.

Our restaurant has a friendly atmosphere where relatives and visitors along with our staff, can relax and unwind.

Our menus


Our menus change on a weekly basis and they are selected from over 30 menus developed by Pascal.  The menus for any particular week are selected to make the most of seasonal local produce.

St Joseph's Hospital food & nutrition

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