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Acne is a very common condition caused by the inflammation of grease-producing glands in the skin, leaving blocked pores (blackheads and whiteheads) and inflamed red papules and pustules, otherwise known as 'spots'.  

Acne predominantly occurs during adolescence due to the increase in testosterone in both sexes, however all ages can be affected.  The condition can be prompted by psychological factors such as increased stress levels, genetics and dietary habits.  Most common areas affected are the face, back and chest. 

Acne treatment is necessary for several reasons.  Not only does the appearance of acne temporarily affect your physical appearance, it can lead to permanent scarring if deeper cysts are left untreated.  Acne is associated with elevated levels of stress, unhappiness and infection.

We provide some of the most advanced and effective options for acne treatment.  Once the condition has been diagnosed at consultation, your dermatologist will recommend one of a number of treatments available to achieve the best results for you.  Treatments range from topical creams and gels at the less severe end of the scale, to antibiotics, hormonal treatments and Roaccutane in more severe cases.




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