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Blepharitis is a condition where the rims of the eyelids become inflamed - red and swollen.  It is a common condition which can develop at any age, however it is more common in those aged over 40.


Symptoms may include burning, soreness or stinging in the eyes, crusty eyelashes or itchy eyelids.  It is commonly caused by bacterial infection or may result from a complication of a skin condition.  Blepharitis is not contagious.


What does treatment involve?


In addition to following a regular cleaning regime, antibiotic ointments, creams or eye drops (topical antibiotics) may be prescribed. 


How soon will I recover?


Topical antibiotics are usually prescribed for a 4 – 6 week period.


What are the risks involved?


Serious, sight-threatening problems are rare, however it is important that any complications are identified and treated quickly.

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