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Welcome to LifeCheck


LifeCheck is an annual health check designed to identify common issues, assess your fitness levels and identify positive lifestyle changes.


This assessment is designed with the young and active in mind, with the intention of keeping you in good shape for today and the future.


The LifeCheck health assessment takes up to an hour.


Using modern testing techniques, your GP nurse will lead you through a range of tests, and discuss and explain your results.

You will receive personal advice and recommendations designed to help motivate lifestyle and behaviour change.  Our expert guidance will set you on the road to achieving your wellbeing goals.

The LifeCheck health assessment will highlight common health concerns, from weight management and stress, to poor sleep patterns and posture.  If any serious health issues are found, we’ll refer you to the relevant health experts.  If you have any particular concerns we are there for you to discuss them with.


The LifeCheck assessment includes the following:


  • a personal medical history and lifestyle questionnaire
  • height and weight measurements
  • body mass index (BMI) calculation
  • body fat percentage
  • hydration levels test
  • urine analysis test
  • blood glucose test for diabetes
  • cholesterol test
  • nutrition assessment
  • clinical spinal assessment
  • stress assessment
  • blood pressure
  • cardiovascular risk score


LifeCheck health assessment 


At the start of your LifeCheck, you will be given a short questionnaire to carry out.  This helps us understand all the factors influencing your health so we can provide a strong foundation for the recommendations we make for positive changes.  Our feedback will cover the following areas:



Our simple blood test will assess your cholesterol levels and help you improve your diet and fitness to protect your heart.



With a simple blood test and urine analysis, we can diagnose diabetes and help you manage glucose levels through exercise, nutrition and other lifestyle changes.


Diet and nutrition


We will provide you with a detailed assessment of your nutritional habits so you can understand the key strengths and weaknesses of your diet and know what changes need to be made.



We will assess your posture and help you make positive changes to your work and home routine to avoid back pain.


Stress levels

We will assess your psychological stress levels based on your questionnaire responses.  We will advise ways you can reduce your stress levels if required.


LifeCheck health assessment feedback


Using your test results and our discussions with you, we will identify health concerns and recommend  changes to your diet, exercise levels and lifestyle.


You will leave us with an understanding of changes we recommend to protect your health in the future.

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