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Welcome to BreastCare


At St Joseph’s Hospital we understand that many women and men are worried by the threat of breast cancer. That is why we have recently invested in a new state-of-the-art BreastCare Centre which is equipped with the latest technology to aid examination and diagnosis.


Like many other forms of cancer, breast cancer can be cured providing it is detected early, and regular breast screening can detect breast cancer at an early stage. Early detection saves lives, may reduce the need for radical surgery and improves quality of life. The majority of patients who visit do not have cancer. However, if you have a worrying breast problem, such as a lump, nipple discharge or change in shape of your breast, we can offer you all the required diagnostic tests in one quick visit, with clinics every weekday.


Our BreastCare Centre is located in one of the leading private hospitals and you have access to highly advanced diagnostic capability and rapid referral to our team of leading specialist breast consultants, should you need one. Our four Consultant Breast Surgeons, Mr Charlie Chan, Mr Christopher Gateley, Mr Kelvin Gomez and Ms Valentina Lefemine, all trained in the UK and have held NHS Consultant posts in Gloucestershire and South Wales.

Our consultants offer the full range of surgical options including breast conservation, radiologically localised procedures, oncoplastic breast surgery, breast reconstruction and sentinel lymph node biopsy.

We’re proud to offer a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach within a caring and supportive environment.

Ideally, we ask that you have a GP referral to enter our One Stop Breast Clinic. We realise that sometimes this is not possible and appreciate that time is of the essence when you are concerned about breast disease. For this reason we are happy to accommodate your self-referral to have a breast consultation. If you are using private health insurance, please ensure that your provider will cover your consultation without a GP referral.

Our breast screening services are available to individuals and to businesses.


If you would like to learn more about our BreastCare services or breast cancer click on the boxes below.



About our BreastCare Centre
Our centre is designed to provide our patients with a comfortable and relaxed environment and we have invested in the latest technology to provide the most accurate diagnosis available.
Breast awareness
Learn about the importance of self-examination and awareness to detect abnormalities.
BreastCare surgery
Our BreastCare team are highly skilled in all aspects of the treatment of breast cancer and a multitude of other breast conditions.
BreastCare surgery  
BreastCare pricing Request a BreastCare quote
The prices we charge are very competitive and transparent for self-pay patients. If you have medical insurance St Joseph’s is accepted by all the leading health insurers.
Answering your questions
In this section we provide answers to frequently asked questions…what is breast cancer and key facts about it, the main risk factors and the procedures used to treat breast cancer.

Our team

The BreastCare team
The BreastCare team is made up of the leading breast care specialists in the region. Each and every one of them is a dedicated professional with many years of experience.


Our treatments

Aspiration of cyst under ultrasound
Biopsy breast under ultrasound
Block dissection of axillary lymph nodes (axillary clearance) levels 1-3
Breast reconstruction
Breast reduction or uplift with TiLoop mesh internal bra
Excision biopsy of breast lesion after localisation
Excision biopsy of breast lesion after localisation bilateral
Excision of breast lump/fibroadenoma
Excision of mammary fistula
Local mobilisation of glandular breast tissue to fill surgical cavity
Lymph node biopsy
Lymph node clearance
Mastectomy - radical
Mastectomy - simple
Mastectomy and immediate reconstruction of breast using extended latissimus dorsi flap
Mastectomy and immediate reconstruction of breast using latissimus dorsi
Mastectomy for gynaecomastia bilateral
Mastectomy for gynaecomastia unilateral
Microdocchectomy or mammodochectomy (Hadfields procedure)
Modified radical mastectomy
Modified radical mastectomy (including lymph node clearance)
Modified radical mastectomy (including lymph node sampling)
Plastic procedures on nipple
Prophylactic mastectomy - bilateral
Prophylactic mastectomy - unilateral
Radical mastectomy (including block dissection)
Re-excision of lesion of breast if resection margins are not clear
Reconstruction of the breast using extended latissimus dorsi flap (including delayed reconstruction)
Sampling of axillary lymph nodes
Sentinel node biopsy
Sentinel node mapping and sampling with blue dye and radioactive probe for breast cancer
Subcutaneous mastectomy with immediate implant
Ultrasound breast
Wide excision of lesion of the breast
Wide local excision of breast +/- mobilisation of glandular breast
Wire localisation under x-ray control

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